In for the Kill (Sonny Moore Fanfic)

Prologue: The Killer

The man walked over the floor and tried to be quiet. He took the knife in his hand and smiled terrible. “ This evening would be your last time!” he thaught when he went in the bedroom of the both people. He lifted the knife and cut the troath of the husband- suddenly the woman woke up. “What are you doing here in my house?”she said. The man didn’t answer and lifted the dagger again- but the woman stood up and hit him in the face. The man yelled painfully and attacked the woman with the knife. She fell on the ground, then her bones went limp: She was also dead. The man laughed and put the knife under his black coat. His work was done. He turned to the door when a little boy went in- 8 years maybe. He saw his dead parents and screamed. The man pressed his hand over the boy’s mouth. “BE QUIET!” he hissed. Afterwards he pushed the boy aside, went to the house door and escaped into the night.


CHAPTER 1: Adopted (Sonny’s P.O.V.)

Sonny, wake up, you’re late for school!”my mum said when she came in my room. I grumbled and rubbed my eyes. Why are monday mornings so badly? “Come on mum,just 5 minutes!”I answered and yawned. “Your teacher will be very angry when you’re late, you know!”my mum replied. So I stood up and got dressed. Then I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After that I looked up from the washbasin and looked at my face in the mirror: A tall boy, 17 years old,with dark - brown  hair and black, sad eyes, was looking out of the mirror. That was me, Sonny Moore. My parents gave me this name because at my birth my mother always said: “ You’re my little sunshine!” And finally it was the name “Sonny”. While I was thinking of my parents ,  a tear was rolling over my cheek and my lips trembled. When I was a child they were murdered from a unknown man. They had loved me a lot and they always said: “We’ll help you whatever happens!” But now they couldn’t help me anymore... I buried my face in my hands and started crying. I believed , I cried over one minute , finally I went downstairs and grabbed my rucksack. I closed the door and ran to the school-it’s a private school,in the south of Los Angeles. I’m in the 9th grade of the semester. While I was going, the sun rose and shone over the cloudless sky. “ Living in a adoptive family was really better than sitting homeless on the streets of L.A.” I thaught. When I came to the school I went in the classroom and sat down my desk. One of my classmates, Matt, walked toward me. He’s a real bully. “ Hey, Moore, what are you doing here?That’s a school for very gifted students, not for organ pipes!”, he said loudly. When I didn’t answer, Matt leaned forward and replied badly: “ You’re so stupid, Sonny Moore!” Then he walked away and I imagined a life without him- when the bell was ringing: The first lesson began.  While our teacher was writing something on the board ,  Matt smiled at me - but it wasn’t normal. It was evil - VERY evil. I shivered and looked away quickly, but it seemed that this scary look was trying to kill me. I sighed and concentrated me upon the lessons.  



CHAPTER 2: Untold Secrets

In the break my teacher Mrs. Redbird came to my seat. “Sonny, you’re so shy at the moment! Why?” she asked. I answered:  “Ehhhm...nothing!It’s ok!” Redbird replied: “You can tell me- I’ll help you!” Suddenly I was afraid that I must crying again, so I pressed my lips together and said noisily: “ My parents... were killed!” My teacher was shocked. “When I was eight years, a unknown man broke in our house and attacked them with a dagger! I was asleep when it happened, but I heard the scream of my mum and ran into the bedroom. The murder saw me, pushed me aside and escaped! I haven’t seen him since , but one thing is certain: Any time he’ll come back to take revenge!” I told. Mrs. Redbird turned pale and whispered tired: “ can go now!” I nodded and left the room. At the corridor I sinked to the ground. After ten  minutes I  stood up and went to the schoolyard.


On the way back home I felt that somebody was following me. I turned and looked along the street -  nothing. But suddenly a hand grabbed me and I saw in a angry face - Matt. “ Now you’ll feel my anger, Sonny MOORE!” he hissed. Threatening he added: “Earlier of I’ve never forget what YoU’Ve DoNe!” He tried to hit me, but I jumped away and when he came nearer I hit the elbow in his face. “AARGH!”,he screamed. Blood ran down his nose and I laughed nasty. “HOw DoEs That FEelS!”, I replied. Matt walked towards me, his face was bloody.  “YOU’RE DEaD!”, he yelled and pulled a knife out of his jeans. I got a fright because I wasn’t expecting that Matt had a knife - he seemed to use that I was amaze because  he turned around and slit my arm. I shouted and knocked Matt down. He got back and stabbed at me with the knife - but I noticed and smashed him on the sidewalk. “YOU FuCKiNG GuY!”, I gasped. “I WiSh, YoU WoULd Be KiLLeD!”  Matt looked at me furious, then he completely flipped out and pressed the knife at my throat. I screamed painfully when the dagger cut in my skin. Matt sneered and lifted the knife: “WelCOmE TO yOuR DeATh!” Every time I’m angry my fury controls me and then it breaks out like a vulcano. Now it was happened. I pushed him on the ground and Matt growled: “YOu’vE WoN - fOR tHe FIRST TIME! yOU’LL Pay FOR THIs!” Then he ran away and at last I went home.  




When I arrived at my place nobody was there. I went straight to the bathroom and washed off my wounds. Then I walked in my room.  I shivered again when I taught that Matt  almost killed me. But finally I went over to my desk and looked at the picture of my parents - my REAL parents. I wished they could help me against Matt and suddenly I felt lonely and  angry -  about Matt, the murder and myself. I would have taken care about my parents better, Matt had me on his conscience  and I got involved in a fight with him. When I thaught about it I decided to go to my band mates from From first to last. When I first met them my parents weren’t thrilled that I would become the lead singer of a rockband. But they changed their mind quickly and I was the most happy human on the world. I went to the house door and grabbed at my skateboard. From first to last could need a bit society.



CHAPTER 3: As cold as Ice

Travis’ P.O.V.

I sat with my friends Derek Bloom and Matt Good in the rehearsal room  from our band. Tomorrow we had a big concert in town and waited for Sonny. Since the death of his parents his life changed completely, he lost interest in singing and withdrawned. He couldn’t tell anyone what was going on with  him - but one thing we knew: The biggest sin in life was the loss and the sorrow! I closed my eyes and opened them again when Sonny went in. “HEY GUYS!”, he said happily and put his skateboard down. His hair was shining in the sun. I was surprised that he was so lucky, but I wouldn’t let anything show and answered: “LET’S GET STARTED!”


Sonny’s P.O.V. 

I walked to the stage while the other ones followed me and prepared their instruments. I grabbed the microphone and started singing. During this moment this endless feeling - named sadness - was appearing in my soul and forced me to talk. My hands became shaky and my voice trembled. Matt had watched me and looked nervous. When we took a break he walked up the stage and said: “Sonny, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling ill?” He was sounding concerned. “No, it’s ok! Leave me alone!”, I replied furious. Matt started with my sudden fit of rage. He answered quietly: “You’re so strange and you say hardly nothing lately...!” “... and we just wanna know what’s the matter with you!” I could understand him, but I replied: “No, It’s nothing! Maybe I’m also really ill!” I went down the stage, grabbed my skateboard and slammed the studio door. Outside I took a deep breath that my whole fury was blowing out of my body. I watched the birds were  circling in the sky and felt better. Then I went on a little tour. I skated trough the neighborhood and felt the wind around my head. Meanwhile it was getting dark and I set off for home. Suddenly I heard a yell and somebody - or something - pushed me. I fell down and knocked my head. I looked up and saw a man. He wore a black coat and gray boots, as well he had brown hair - but his face was frighten me: It was disfigured with scares and his eyes were sparkling nasty. “W-What do you want?” I asked timid. The man looked askance at me then he answered: “What I want?” He took something out of his coat - a gun. I screamed loudly, but the man pressed the wheapon on my head:  “You won’t come to any harm - if you be quiet!” His voice was quieten down. I tried to pull the gun away from my forehead. The man only pressed it harder at my head. At the same time Matt was looking for me.  He wanted to apologize because of  that he made me furious. When he reached the backstreet where I was he yelled and was running to me. He grabbed my hand and my skateboard, then he rushed back at breackneck speed. The shrill mad scream of the man echoed behind us, but he didn’t follow us. Finally Matt stopped and gasped. “Thanks for your help! You had saved my life!”, I said out of breath. Matt winked at me: “No problem! You’re my best friend!” Then he added nervously: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that your parents meant a lot to you!” He looked at me. “I’m also sorry that I  shouted at you!”, I replied. Matt gave me a hug gratefully and said: “ See you tomorrow!” I took my skateboard and waved: “I look forward to you!”


When I came home I creeped away into my bed. I pulled at the blanket to keep me warm and relaxed. It seemed as if the whole day had lasted very long. I turned to the side and thaught trough the last hours: The strange man, my visit to From first to last, how Matt had saved me... I was completely confused from this events that I just want to have a rest.  I closed my eyes and immediately I was fallen asleep.


CHAPTER 4: Just a Dream?

I stood on a foggy, dark  street. A cold wind was blowing. From time to time a streetlamp lighted up and  went out slowly. I didn’t know where I was, but this part of town looked familiar. I turned round and saw a  very pretty house at the end of the avenue. I crossed the road and walked  towards the door - I hadn’t got a clue what was waiting for me behind the door... I entered the house and went along the corridor. The rooms of the house were already dusty and in front of the bedroom  was hanging a sign: “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!” I couldn’t believe that the previous owners had lived in this old house. I shook my head and pressed down the doorhandle because I was so curious. When I walked in the room the sight  was so cruel that I almost puked: A man was bending over  a  man and a woman. He had a silver knife in his hand whose blade was blood - stained. The two people were tied up with iron chains and they shook with fear. But the most I was frighten were  the facial  features  of the man. In his eyes was a look - just like Matt when he had attacked me - just different. Suddenly the man turned.  He took the knife harder and laughed mad, I screamed... and awoke. Sweat was running over my forehead and I tried to remember what I had dreamed - at the same time a horrible thought occurred to me: The man I had seen in my dream - was nobody else than the murderer of my parents! He wanted to take vengeance on me and tried to kill me this afternoon. I lied down, but I couldn’t get this terrible nightmare out of my head. The man was completely insane! And he would do everything in his power to destroy me.

On the next morning I woke up very late. I felt tired because I hadn’t slept enough last night. I yawned and went to breakfast. In  the kitchen my mother welcomed me with a smile, but I just mumbled: “Morning!”, and sat down at the table. “What’s the matter, dear?”, my mother asked. I looked up and said: “It’s nothing, Mum! I just had a bad dream!” “Sonny, listen to me!”, my mother replied and brushed my hair out of my face. “I know that the killing of your parents is really got to you, but you can beat the sorrow! You must believe in you!” I nodded and stood up from the table. Then I walked in  the bathroom to prepare me for school. An half hour later I was on the way with my skateboard. Today I was prepared for the worst - as long as I  would find a way to avoid Matt. When I reached the school a big crowd of students stood in the yard and looked at something on the ground. I came nearer and noticed that a few kids whispered. “Why? He was so a cool boy!” “...Yes, what did he do to deserve that?” I didn’t understand and asked: “Hey guys, what’s going on here?” A girl named Cathy replied sneeringly: “If I had my way, you could start digging your own grave, Moore!” I pushed her and cleared the way for me. I was too frightened to look, but I leaned forward. Matt was lying in front of the crowd. His face was totally white and his legs were mixed up strange. A long, jagged knife stuck out of his body. “No! This CAN’T be real!”, I thaught. Speechless I stared at the corpse of Matt. Suddenly Mrs. Redbird came trough the entrance. A police officer was behind her. “Come with me, Sonny!”, she said. “I want to talk with you!” I ignored the angry looks of my classmates and followed my teacher in the building. Mrs. Redbird turned to me and I shouted: “You MUST believe me! I’m not responsible for his death, yesterday I was really mad at him that I’ve said he shall kick the bucket and...” My teacher silenced me: “Calm down, Sonny! I know that I wasn’t your fault!” You can go now, there’s no class today!” I said thanks and left the building, with a feeling of guilt in my head. I didn’t decide if I could agree with my teacher - but I was sure that there was a connection between my dream and Matt’s death. The murderer hadn’t found me and had chosen him for his second murder attempt - to replace me. It was obvious that he would carry on his cruel killing spree - until he got rid of me too. I must think of something at once.


CHAPTER 5: Dead or Alive

He had reached his goal. He had made sure that this little snoop must believe in it. He smiled gleefully and wiped off the blood at his hands. Altough he had done what he wanted he was still angry that HE - Sonny Moore - thwarted his plans every time. This boy was like a pest bug, everywhere he got in his way. He thaught about it: IF he tried to kill him one more time, Sonny would do everything to survive. But this time he would know no mercy.


Sonny’s P.O.V.

I was sitting with Travis, Matt and Derek in our tour bus and we drove to the concert hall. All my nerves were strained. I had practiced my voice all the time - until I was hoarse. “Sonny, are you sure that you really want to sing this evening?”, Travis asked. “ I could help you out!” I shook my head: “No, that isn’t necessary! I’ve practiced very good, it won’t go wrong!” When we arrived the fans were crowding the entrance. I went with Matt to the stage and put up our instruments. During the concert everything went smoothly, but at “ Note to Self “ I started sweating again. I clutched the microphone with both hands, but I was trembling all over. My whole body was on high alert. I was threaten to lose control over it. I threw down the microphone and went behind the stage. The other band mates didn’t realize that I was disappeared. Suddenly  I felt sick  and threw up all over the ground. I bent down and tried to get my breath back - when I heard a yell: “SONNY!” I spun round and saw Matt. “What’s happened?” After I had calmed down I replied: “I have some things I must tell you!” Matt nodded. I said: “My parents didn’t die of a naturally death, they... were murdered!” “I’ve lied to you!” Matt looked at me concerned, then he lay his hand on my shoulder: “I’m really sorry to hear that!” I smiled a little bit, but in me I felt a deep sadness. “It’s all right, just go back on the stage!”, I said. “I want to be alone!” Matt gave me a hug and left. I sat down at the ground and enjoyed the silence all around me. Suddenly a shadow appeared behind me. I had no time to turn around because at this moment I got a punch over my head and somebody pricked a needle in my arm. Then everything went black.


Matt’s P.O.V.

“A great gig, right Matty?”, Derek asked after our concert. I replied: “Mhhm... I don’t really think so!” “It was no fun without Sonny!” Derek said: “That’s right!” “Where is he actually?” I told him: “He wanted to be alone and he’s behind the stage...” Derek went to the  area and stopped short. He came back and said: “You said, he’s behind the stage?” I answered: “Yes - why?” “He isn’t there anymore!”, Derek said. “Do you know where Sonny is?” I shrugged my shoulders: “I have no idea!” Even if I couldn’t tell him the truth, I supposed to know what was happened to my best friend...


Sonny’s P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and groaned. All my bones hurt when I tried to stand up and looked round. I was in a dark room with bare walls. Lightbulbs stuck out of the ceiling. I touched my face and clenched my teeth. My right eye was black and my lip bled. A long cut was over my cheek. I didn’t know what was happened as long as I was fainted because the injection was still flowing trough my body. I must find a way to escape from here, I thaught and hammered at the door - nothing. “LET ME OUT!”, I shouted angrily, but nobody heard me. I was trapped. “That’s not much help!”, a voice called and the shadow came out of the dark. I regconized him by his black coat and the dagger in his hand. “Sonny Moore!”, he said and smiled. “It’s REALLY nice to meet you!” I got a big fright when I heard my name. “YOU!”, I replied and clenched my fists. “You’ve killed my parents!” The man laughed: “Exactly! But it’s a crying shame that I must kill you too - like Matt... “Wait a minute!”, I said loudly because I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t like Matt, but that he died so early, I wouldn’t have wished him. “But why have you done this?” The man said looking at the knife: “He was in my way and because of him I had to get rid of Matt.” I shouted: “He was only 16!” “That’s no reason to kill him!” The man hissed: “I hadn’t like him too - just like your parents!” “Me and them were very good friends and we shared everything together. I always could rely on them and I even was fallen in love with your mother. Suddenly Francis became pregnant and was in the third month soon. At your birth I found out that she had slept with your father and hadn’t told me about it. A world broke down for me. Right from the start we had given away every secret, but I had deceived me: I had trusted them blindly... Since then I knew that I must silence Francis - she and her husband. THAT’S WHY I have killed them!” He sneered: “But now...” I didn’t hear the last part of the sentence because the man knocked me down and gave me the injection again - the pain was terrible. I tried to scream, but my voice failed me. In front of my eyes the room and the colors faded and I felt nothing anymore.


CHAPTER 6: Saved

Matt’s P.O.V.

Me and Derek ran trough the concert hall. All the time we had looked for Sonny, but we didn’t find him. I feared the worst. “Do you know what I believe?”, I said to Derek. Meanwhile I had told him the whole story. My buddy gasped: “D - Do you mean that....” “Yes!”, I answered frightened. “Sonny is kidnapped by the killer of his parents. He had sworn him revenge!” I looked at Derek: “We must hurry!” But my hope changed into fear. What if our search was all for nothing? What if it already was too late for Sonny?


Sonny’s P.O.V.

I can feel nothing. I can hear or see nothing. I don’t even know how I got there. I just know that heaven feels nothing. One week after the killing of my parents my adoptive mother said: “Death isn’t so than you think - it’s a redemption from the sins of your life!” Since then I’ve never wondered about that. But at the age of 15 I realized that I know better. Death is cruel and takes away the person you love. Besides my mother said that heaven is a wonderful place you’ll get there after you’re dead. But that isn’t right. Your soul rises in heaven, but yourself stay in your grave and never woke up again. Tears are filling my eyes, but I can’t cry. I sacrificed for my parents’ life and had to pay with my own. I see the corps of my mum and my dad, how they are lying in the bedroom of our house. I see me, Sonny Moore, a child of 8 years, standing in front of his dead parents, crying. And I see the killer, the bloody knife in his hand, sneering. How he looked at me - gleefully and full of contempt. How will my friends react when they see my corpse? My friends - Derek, Travis and Matt, my From first to Last band mates - I will miss them. Why me? All I ever wanted was to be alive. I never wanted to be kidnapped by a killer - I just wanted to HELP my parents. Why can nobody listen to me?


Matt’s P.O.V.

Meanwhile Derek and Me had carried on with the search for Sonny. But it was no use. Finally Derek gave up: “I’m tired! I think I’ll go to the tour bus!” I looked at him furious: “Okay, then I look for Sonny alone! I don’t need you!” He left and I went outside. If Sonny wasn’t important for him, Derek should look for other friends! I walked around the concert hall when I suddenly saw a door on the back side. Because we hadn’t looked there I touched the doorhandle - it was closed! I pushed the door harder and it opened. I went into the room and tripped. I stood up and looked round. It was so dark in here that I couldn’t see anything. But what if Sonny was here? I immediately was full of hope again and walked on. Suddenly I saw something on the ground. It was a weak body. “No!”, I thaught. Sonny was lying in front of me! His face was full of blood and his eyes were closed. His dark - brown hair was disheveled and he didn’t breath. I pulled at his shirt and felt his heart. It wasn’t beating. I was close to tears. It was too late. I had risked everything to save the life of Sonny - and now I had found him dead in this room. I couldn’t help him anymore. I buried my face in Sonny’s hair and bursted into tears. We had lost our lead singer forever. Suddenly I felt something hard at Sonny’s arm. I turned him to the side and saw a needle. I pulled it out of the skin. Suddenly Sonny opened his eyes so slow that I could see the white of them. “SONNY!”, I called. “You’re alive!” He hugged me happily and said: “Matt! I’m so happy that you’re here!” “I was so terrified that I would die!” I replied: “Can you stand up?” Sonny hesitated: “No! The killer had given me a poison, because of that I’m still anaesthetized!” I supported him and we left the room together.


Epilogue: 3 Weeks later

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining very hot. I skated through the street and felt so good. My band mates were so happy that I wasn’t hurt from the kidnapping. I sang the lyrics of “When Flying feels like Falling” and I felt free. Now I would grow up and nothing couldn’t stop me. The killer was taken to prison when Matt called the police. But he would come back. I didn’t worry about that and smiled. I would life my life and I was sure that I would forget my past soon. I wanted to have fun. I wouldn’t look back. I was looking forward to the future. I didn’t know that I would be popular all over the world very soon. I just know that now I had to go the way I wanted to go. To my future.

He had failed. He had did everything in his power to kill Sonny Moore and had failed. He hated the boy. He wanted revenge. But now he had decided: He wouldn’t give up. Sonny would grow up and then he would try it again. Very soon...


This is my first fanfic and I hope you enjoy it! The sequel is coming soon!